Netflix has officially begun distributing its own original content: its new series Lilyhammer is now available to stream on your computer or Netflix-enabled device. All eight 45-minute episodes of the first "season" are available right on schedule, so if you're the kind of person who prefers to plow right through a show rather than wait every week for a new episode, this might be a good option. Lilyhammer stars Sopranos veteran and E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt as a former New York mobster trying to restart his life in Norway. While Netflix didn't announce specifically where this show would be available to stream, a quick search revealed that Lilyhammer is not currently available in the UK (likely due to a distribution deal with the BBC). The show has already been showing on Norwegian TV as well, with 1.2 million viewers every week, making it the most watched show in Norwegian TV history, according to Netflix. Of course, this isn't the only original Netflix content slated to be released — don't forget that new Arrested Development episodes will be coming in 2013.