Despite its domination of the digital marketplace, Amazon is reportedly preparing for a move into brick and mortar retail stores, according to Good eReader. Apparently, the company will start in the next few months with a boutique retail store in Seattle to gauge interest and see if it could be a profitable venture. It sounds like the focus would mainly be on selling the various Kindle products as well as associated accessories, as well as physical Amazon Exclusive books published through the company's self-publishing service. Rather than build a large store with a wide variety of products, Amazon reportedly wants to go the Apple route and offer a high-class in-store experience to showcase its growing line of consumer electronics products. While there's plenty of places for consumers to visit to try out the Kindle line, Amazon doesn't have total control over them — this would give the company a chance to show them in the best possible light. We're reaching out to Amazon for comment and will be watching to see if any concrete details on any Amazon retail expansion surface to corroborate this report.