Bioware to "patch" Mass Effect: Deception Novel or How To Scew Up a Game Tie-in.

If there is one group that it is wise not to anger besides comic book nerds it would be gaming nerds. Bioware is learning this lesson with their latest Mass Effect novel - Mass Effect: Deception. This is the first novel not written by Drew Karpyshyn which could be a large part of the problem. The result was a rather large Google Doc outlining all the errors of which there are many.

What I find interesting is that Bioware has decided to actually "patch" the book to correct these errors. While this is a good thing it makes me wonder exactly what type of quality controls and review they are giving these books. I cannot believe that anyone involved with the Mass Effect games actually read the manuscript for the book. We've already seen some problems crop up for Blizzard with their books in relation to the games as well - Knaak I mean you.

As a gamer I am insulted that they would try and release such an obviously broken book when it comes to continuity and lore and assume I'd just buy it and be happy. And this is not an isolated thing, the release of tie-in material. As more and more games get this sort of treatment it becomes even more important to verify anything going into a book. We've seen this in movie books for years where the books are mostly ignored in relation to the in-movie universe. I really do hope this was just a misstep as the alternative; where this book was published to make a quick dollar off the gamer base really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.