Smoking: The silent PC killer

Here in the States, smoking tobacco is legal. The health effects of smoking and secondhand smoking are well documented, but many people still choose to smoke, and they have every right to do so. I also have every right to hate smoking.

The whole "smoking is bad for you" argument has been addressed so many times that is a cliche. What people may not realize is how harmful smoking is to computers.

The iMac on the left should be the same color as the one on the right (I didn't have another iLamp on hand.. so I had to make do).







The insides of computers don't fare any better. Smoke makes dust particles stick together. It clogs computer fans and if you try to blow the dust out with an air compressor, the dust usually doesn't move at all. They also smell horrible.

So if you don't want to quit for yourself or others, do it for your computer.