Now that CES is over, it's time for Apple iTV rumors to spin up again in earnest. The latest comes from Canadian paper The Globe and Mail, which cites anonymous sources who say that "Rogers and Bell already have the product in their labs." Apple is said to be pursuing relationships with both companies in Canada, because both offer "wireless and broadband capabilities." The paper also suggests that the iTV will include voice recognition from Siri, hand gesture controls, video chat, and an "on-screen keyboard." Siri is said to have been pumped up to include the necessary plug-in to "help viewers make programming choices."

While this rumor has Apple working with Canadian broadband carriers, the last we've heard about the US is that Apple is having a difficult time landing deals. Although speculation and leaks about a possible Apple TV / iTV have circulated for literally years, we get the feeling that both are likely to heat up in the near future until we hear a hint from Apple one way or the other (even Best Buy can't help but get in on the action). Come next year, will you be watching a snarky Samsung commercial on an Apple TV?

Thanks, Matthew!