News is spreading that Yahoo's mail service is down, and users have taken to Twitter to complain. It doesn't look like the outage is affecting everyone — those of us in New York, the UK, and Washington D.C. haven't had any issues, but a colleague in Chicago had a problem accessing just the front page, suggesting the outage might be limited geographically. A Flickr staff member told users who are complaining of slow load times that "There was an outage in one of Yahoo!'s datacenters that has been resolved now," and we've heard other users saying that all of Yahoo's services, not just its email client, are having problems this morning. We've reached out to Yahoo to see if we can get any more info, but in the meantime, you'll just have to hope you're not one of the unlucky ones.

Update: A representative sent us the following statement: "Yahoo Mail was inaccessible to some users in certain locations for a short period of time. We worked quickly to resolve the issue, and are pleased that Yahoo Mail is restored to full functionality. We apologize to affected users."