Canadian carrier Rogers has announced that its "One Number" service is now out of beta and available for all monthly mobile subscribers — it's a new cross-platform service that allows customers to use a single phone number to talk, text, and email on their mobile devices and computers. The service also allows users to video chat with other One Number users via their computers. Rogers says texts, calls, and emails can be organized into a single inbox, and that contacts can be synced between mobile phones and the One Number website — surprisingly, Rogers is supporting Gmail integration rather than restricting users to its own email service as it often prefers to do. Additionally, all communications sent to Canadian wireless numbers from the user's computer can be performed free of charge. Of course, cross-platform communications aren't new — similar functionality can be found in BBM, Bobsled, FaceTime, Skype, Google Voice, and others — but it may be a good option for Canadian customers who want to tie services to their carrier-provided phone number.