Lazer Tag is getting an overhaul for iOS generation — Hasbro just announced that its 2012 Nerf Lazer Tag blasters can be combined with an iPhone or iPod touch to provide a heads-up display, an increased firing distance of 250 feet, and augmented reality for a "single player" experience. The guns themselves now include a slot for you to drop your iOS device in, and once you've downloaded the free app, you can use it to keep track of your gear, power levels, and use it to start and host multiplayer games with up to 23 other players. As a nod to current FPS shooters, the app includes a leaderboard, keeps track of your user profile and stats, and also features unlockable rewards like a more powerful virtual blaster. Of course, the game can be played without having to add an iOS device that adds several hundred dollars to the price, but what fun is that? Nerf's new Lazer Tag blasters will be available on August 1st, and sell for $40 individually, or $70 for a set of two.