Probably the biggest downside to switching full-time to a Google Voice number is the Android app — while it has always integrated well with Android phones, it isn't the greatest app out there. Loyal GV users have reason to rejoice today, as the company has updated the app (no, it's not at version 1.0 yet) with a new coat of paint for Android 4.0 and Honeycomb. There already was an ICS-friendly version, but this latest update helps make the app fit in better with the rest of the new operating system's design philosophy. Functionally, the update has rectified a major issue: you can now queue outgoing text messages, so if one fails to send at first it will be sent once you regain data connectivity. As a bonus, performance seems to be a bit snappier as well on our Galaxy Nexus. While the app itself still needs some work to bring it up to snuff (the stock Messaging app in 4.0 is still more attractive), the latest update is a step in the right direction. It's available now in the Android Market, so get downloading.