Super Bowl XLVI was the first that the NFL streamed live, and now we're finding out just how many consumers decided to turn in on their computers instead of their TVs — a total of 2.1 million people streamed the game, according to data that NBC cited from measurement firms Omniture and mDialog. It sounds impressive, and was in fact the most-watched single sporting event online, it pales in comparison to the 111.3 million people who watched the game on TV in the US. Still, it's a pretty major bump over the 300,000 who watch standard Sunday NFL games online. One thing that isn't clear is whether or not this data includes those who streamed over Verizon's mobile phones. While we'd expect to see the number of online viewers increase in the coming years, it looks like it'll be a long time before cord-cutters make up a significant portion of the overall Super Bowl viewing population.