It's funny how mainstream journalism still doesn't get the web or use it properly

When will it be our generation's turn? And why can't we stay on top of technology? The Internet is no longer this mysterious being, it's an integral tool of our lives, and a tool that can propel journalism to new heights. And yet, we can no longer even fact check.

I was watching the latest episode of Ray William Johnson (=3) on YouTube. Ray mentioned the Wall Street Journal ran a story on him (WSJ, WSJ YouTube). Make sense to profile the most subscribed person on YouTube.

However, it's clear they didn't even talk to Ray himself. Ray almost gives off the impression he wasn't even aware they were profiling him.

So it results in Ray dedicating 4 minutes of the latest =3 episode to pointing out all the inaccuracies in their story and video. (starts at 2:30)

FIGHTING THE ELEPHANT - Ray William Johnson Video (via RayWilliamJohnson)

As I watched, my reaction went from laughing to sad. This is an extremely simple story that could have been accurate by watching a few YouTube videos and even reading Wikipedia. Being the #1 guy on YouTube implies that he's a very public figure and he's not exactly hiding details of his YouTube career. So really, the only guesswork that should have been in that story is his income since that's his business alone. And again since he's the #1 guy on YouTube, with a bunch of other social media accounts, it wouldn't exactly be hard to get a hold of him, especially if you're the damn Wall Street Journal.

Of course, the Internet doesn't help with the amount of stupid comments now on that article insulting the writer (which is never the right way to dispute inaccuracies) but man, it's a bit of a sad state to see an easy article get things so wrong.