Chrome Beta for Android

As you know Google just released its Beta version of Chrome for Android (4.0 or above), Chris Ziegler wrote a pretty detailed first hands-on kind of post right here. Also in Josh's video, several noticeable new features were demo'd, including swiping between opened tabs, swiping away unnecessary tabs much like swiping away a deck of cards, 2 finger revealing the tab you want to see, clustered links selection, and more in-depth sync between your Android device and your Chrome on PC, such as real-time sync of the tabs opened on your PC, which kind of nicely replaced the "Chrome to Phone" app I used to use to send links to my phone when I need to run. Anyway Chris' post did a good job explaining the good stuff. So definitely check it out.

I just want to mention a couple of things not talked about in the post or the video.

First, incognito tabs. When you open a URL in an incognito tab, a dark edged tab would be opened and it would be put in a separate category side by side with the one with other normal tabs.

Second, if you touch the menu button (i.e. the three dots, usually at the top right corner) in a tab, you can see two arrows, one for "back" and the other for "forward".

Third, if you've opened up a bunch of tabs, and not using some of them for quite a while, when you swipe to that tab, you can see that it's grey, and it will reload when you're in it.

Anyway, that's all I got so far. What do you guys have? or have you tried it yet? If not, you should. Click here for the app. And check out the screen shots if you didn't get what I wrote.