Specialist site iMedicalApps has reviewed a new set of wireless endoscopy tools from Envisionier called Endosync, which uses cloud storage and the iPad to drastically improve the tools used by doctors to diagnose and monitor illness in patients. The solution relies on both hardware and software — the endoscope is connected using component video to the Endosync module (a wireless transmitter about the size of a deck of cards), which creates an encrypted Wi-Fi network. The doctor then joins this network from the iPad, and video is streamed directly from the endoscope to the specially designed eGoPad app, which lets physicians make audio annotations as they perform each procedure. The output video can either be 320 x 240 or 720 x 480, which is automatically selected by the Endosync based on the video source.

With current endoscopy machines, patient data can be lost as soon as the units are unplugged from the wall, making long-term analysis difficult. Endosync aims to solve this problem through cloud storage, saving patients' examinations for later analysis, and even allowing doctors to create a 4-up view of previous procedures to track the progress of any condition. This could make it far easier to monitor the progress of treatment and could mean that patients receive better care as a result.