On Design and Experience; My Phone

Hey guys, so I just finished a piece on the importance of design in today's smartphones. My first in what I hope to be a series on aesthetics as it is today. Saved the best for last ;) I can now safely say that I'm a fan of Windows Phone. A little background, I have used what I consider the three major mobile operating systems for at least half a year each, and have settled with WP7. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to provide some constructive criticism.

Read my piece here! On Design and Experience; My Phone

And while I have you here, on the topic of design, wouldn't it be nice to see Microsoft make some sort of iconic mascot for their product? (i.e. Android robot, Apple logo) It seems the Windows logo sparks hate nowadays, and the re-making of it into a metro style doesn't seem to have any positive effect on that.