Path has moved quickly to try and quell the backlash stemming from the social networking app's practice of uploading users' address books to the company's servers. CEO Dave Morin just posted a lengthy apology on Path's blog, saying "we are deeply sorry if you were uncomfortable with how our application used your phone contacts." The company has also just released an update to the iOS app that allows users to opt in or out of sharing their address book with Path's servers. As he did yesterday, Morin states explicitly that Path only uses your address book to improve the quality of the app's "Add Friends" feature and also to notify you when one of your contacts joins Path, but he also acknowledges that users "should have control when it comes to sharing your personal information."

In addition to the updated app, Path has also deleted all stored address books from its servers, so that any current users who don't want to share their information won't need to contact the company to have it removed — Morin called this action "a clear signal of our commitment to your privacy," and indeed we didn't expect the company to take such a measure yesterday when it said users would need to email Path to have their data removed. Despite the recent outcry, it's worth noting that the app has done this since launch and weathered some backlash already. Still, it's good to see a company respond quickly to users' concerns over the privacy of their personal information.