How do you use MS OneNote?

Its very surprising that a lot of people do not know OneNote comes with MS Office. I was editing some notes in class today and a guy sitting behind me asks me what software is that. He had no idea it was right there in his university provided copy of MS Office on his laptop! I've only seen one professor who had a windows tablet and another student use this awesome tool.

One Note on the Desktop

OneNote is actually very useful for organizing notes and clippings ideas etc. What's super cool about it is the "binder"like set up of the software. I am miserable with keeping a neat binder folder of papers. I just shove papers in there and midway through the semester its a huge mess. Instead I just send everything to OneNote. The end result is an organized collection of class lectures (with audio recordings), hand outs, quick notes and ideas. What's even better is being able to search keywords in both text and images! (You can also hightlight, link notes, etc etc lots of features)



As you can see I have several notebooks, my two most used are one for the semester and the other for general notes that I take on my HTC Radar. I also keep a recipe notebook for interesting clippings of foods/drinks I tried or want to try from around the web and another for creative writing when the mood takes me. (I use IE9 Send to OneNote accelerator just right click on the page/pdf/photo)

OneNote on WindowsPhone (also iOS & Android)

OneNote is baked into the office hub of Windows Phone beautifully!

You can pin each notebook to the start screen or individual notes like a Todo List - which someone can edit in real time remotely while you're out on errands! (See MS funny One Note Ad at end of post )



That's another awesome thing about OneNote: It syncs! No saving button as it syncs automatically as you work. You can collaborate on notebooks and have done this to share class notes with friends who missed a lecture or two.

OneNote on the web

Works pretty well for those days when you don't log your laptop around. Just log into skydrive from any computer and access/edit your notes



So MS tribers how do you use MS OneNote. Do you prefer Evernote? I've tried it but prefer OneNote's trapper-keeper binder like organization to Evernote's tagging system.

Here's a funny ad from Microsoft showing how OneNote can be put to good (or naughty) uses :D

Microsoft "Keep Shopping" TV Commercial (via Microsoft)