Google Drive, a long rumored cloud storage offering from the search giant, is apparently set to be launched soon, according to the Wall Street Journal. Unfortunately, that window is still a vague "weeks or months," but it is said to be a free service for basic storage with "large amount[s] of files" coming at an additional fee. The service would take on services like DropBox and directly, possibly undercutting the popular web storage and sync solution on price. In addition to syncing files between your computers and Google's servers, Google Drive service would also presumably integrate with Google Docs and other Google services. Google also offers those services to business customers, and Google Drive is also said to play a role there, perhaps as an easy way for coworkers to share files.

Last month, TechCrunch noticed that the error messages on changed slightly, which hints at Google making changes to the site in preparation for a launch. It's a natural next step for Google, so natural in fact that many have found it strange that Google has taken this long to offer it. The next Google I/O developer conference isn't until late June, so hopefully the company won't wait until then to launch.

Image Credit: Johannes Wigand via TechCrunch