Our love affair with the Nokia N9's Harmattan UI may soon be coming to an end, thanks to a pretty massive upgrade being cooked up for the 3.9-inch smartphone by the developer community: Android 4.0! Alexey Roslyakov, part of the NITDroid team that has concerned itself with porting Android to the N900 previously and the N9 presently, has tweeted the image above, accompanied by the enigmatic title of "progress."

The project to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to the N9 is clearly advancing, therefore, and we couldn't be any more excited to see the fruit that it bears. It doesn't yet look terribly close to completion, though there's no doubt that the effort will be worth it. Among all the phones that could do with an OS upgrade out there, the N9 is perhaps the prettiest, and as a bonus, it already lacks any physical or capacitive front buttons, making it a perfect match for ICS.

Oh, and don't despair if you still like MeeGo, Alexey has also noted that he's working to create a dual-boot setup, allowing you to alternate between Harmattan and ICS to your heart's content. To compare the N9 to Google's Galaxy Nexus and the other phones in Nokia's Maemo / MeeGo range, check out our comparison tool.

Update: Alexey has now uploaded a quick video teaser as well.