Hey Facebook, the party is over...


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Hey Facebook, the party is over...

I remember signing up for Facebook when it was just college students and it was unheard of by many. I can't say I ever used Facebook much except keeping up on what my friends were doing. Then over the last 5 years my experience has drastically changed. Facebook has become this much larger thing. It was a communication hub for my friends and family. I could comment, Like things, post photos, or chat. Then it became gaming for some people, an advertising tool, an app, and numerous other things.

So this leads me to where I'm at today. I'm thinking over this idea of Facebook going public. As I look back at Facebook and what it was it it's core, a communication hub, in which it is better than anything else out there. This is mostly because it's the largest network and the fact "everyone" is on it. It's as if everyone in the world is on the same cell phone network and I have unlimited minutes and text messages and so much more. So with that foundation you would think this announcement of going public is just another step for Facebook towards it's rise, but I think it will be the smoking gun in five to ten years.

You can not login to Facebook without being visually bombarded by ads, apps, invites, and status updates that you have no idea why they are at the top of your page. This is not another rant that Facebook has sold out and is evil. What I do believe is that Facebook has a terminal cancer that is spreading fast and will be it's death in the near future. I think the final death knell for me was the other day when I opened my Status Update feed and found that it was no longer sorted by most recent but by "Top Stories". Who told Facebook to make this change for me? Now luckily it was a simple click and change unlike most Facebook settings that require a trip through the labyrinth of account settings. But back to the point, when did Facebook get into the business of content aggregation? Unfortunately I see Facebook's foundation of communication shifting to content aggregation. While the unicorn known as the Facebook phone might some day become real, it would only be created to provide a gateway into our every day consumption of media, ads, and hopefully our wallets. I would not be surprised to see Facebook get somehow involved in the entertainment delivery system, but not to solely deliver content but to serve up content based on Facebook "friends" but mostly advertisers.

Facebook has become the crack of the 21st century for many, but now the dealer wants to shift it's customers to a harder drug and get them hooked even harder. This is going to take a lot of money now to deal with content companies and is much more than a social network. Facebook is going public to gain additional assets to gear up for this attempt at content aggregation. And in this action Facebook has shown it's achilles heel. Facebook had no idea what a social network was or could be when it was first created, but it was built on a solid idea that had legs. Now they are trying to take their core audience and feed it something it doesn't want. Facebook users do not want to be told what to watch, listen, or read. Look at all the traditional forms of media. They all are dying because users want to discover, create and consume media when and how they want to. This has been proven time and time again.


Ok, so some are going to read this and tune me out right away because they don't believe Facebook is heading down this path. Ok to you people, get a clue. Look at Facebook for iPad. You know that device that is selling faster than any computer on the market. Facebook still hasn't updated the app. It's not because they lack resources or man power. It's because they are working on something much bigger. In the next year you are going to see major plays from Google, Apple, and Facebook to take over our living room, phone, and computer in new ways. Each having a different strategy. Facebook unfortunately in my opinion has taken a very different route and slowly abandoned it's core in communication. It is because of this that I feel Facebook is slowly on the demise and even the fact that Facebook has been consumed by advertisements scream to their upcoming fall. No one wanted to believe it when AOL was dying, no one wanted to believe it when Yahoo! was on it's decline and countless other examples.

The end is near...