Kenko Tokina is showing off its 400mm f/8 mirror lens for Micro Four Thirds and Sony NEX here at CP+. Both versions of the lens are identical in size, though they have different finishes: silver for Micro Four Thirds, and a shinier chrome for NEX. As expected, handheld shooting a super-telephoto lens with a fixed, small aperture inside a dimly-lit convention center proved to be quite the challenge, but we did manage to get some sample shots off. The first shot below was taken with a NEX-5N and displays the lens' characteristic ring-shaped bokeh, and the second shot is about as sharp as we were able to get it to focus. This is a strictly manual-only lens, and the NEX's focus-peaking feature really comes into its own here. We'd like the chance to use the lens in more suitable conditions — say, outdoors with a tripod — as it offers pretty unique results for mirrorless systems.