Wacom has announced four new Intuos5 tablets, refreshing the Intuos line with multitouch gesture support, "Express View" heads-up display software, and a soft-touch matte finish — and they're available starting today. Wacom says that the Intuous line now supports standard Mac and Windows multitouch gestures simultaneously with pen use, and that users can create custom gestures in various applications. It's also announcing its new Express View heads-up display feature that shows current settings for the tablet on the computer screen.

According to Engadget, three of the tablets support pen and multitouch input, and come in small (4 x 6 inches for £200), medium (6 x 8 for £330), and large (13 x 8 for £430). Wacom is also offering a pen-only version of the medium tablet for £270 for those that don't require multitouch. We've also noticed an additional pen-only version of the small Intuos5 tablet on Wacom's Asia-Pacific site, but this model may not be available in all regions. Wacom's global site is currently down, but keep your eyes peeled for a US announcement that may follow.