Why do you miss the Start Button? (Give 8 a chance)

I've noticed reading through the forums, that a lot of people seem to be upset that Microsoft completely got rid of the start menu/button. (Something, I should point out, we have known they would do since the Developer Preview)

I don't understand this.

  1. If you move your mouse to where the start button once was, a button pops up that when clicked, sends you to the start screen, just like it used to.
  2. If you press the windows key, the start screen comes up, just like the start menu used to.
  3. After pressing the windows key, you can still just start typing and it will search for things on your computer. just like the start menu used to.
  4. The start screen itself is (in my opinion at least) more useful than the menu of old. You can still pin apps and shortcuts you want to it (in fact i'm pretty sure there are now more types of things you can pin), but unlike in 7, more than 10 doesn't make your start menu look wonky and overly long. The live tiles (on the few apps that use them right now) are incredibly cool and actually give useful information.

Obviously this is all pretty new and I will admit that it took me an hour or so to adapt to the new way of doing things, but once I did (and once I learned that Win+C brings up the charms menu) I find that I don't think I could go back to Windows 7 and the dearly departed start menu.

Change isn't always bad, and I don't think its worth getting yourself into a rage over. If you're a power user who absolutely CANNOT change your usage patterns, then no one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to upgrade your machine. But I also feel like if you give it a shot, you'll find that you can still use Windows 8 in pretty much the same way you always have. I'm typing this up in google chrome on the desktop, with a few explorer windows open, and steam downloading some games.

Its not so bad over here, and it feels a lot like home.