It's been a day with Windows 8. One major problem though...

… Metro apps are... unpredictable to say the least. Some of them will accept my scrolling input (trackpad and pointing stick), some accept horizontal scrolling but not vertical scrolling, some do not accept any scrolling. This is likely because developers are programming towards touch and not yet keyboard and mouse input, but this behavior is problematic, and it is getting in the way of my ability to use Metro apps.

Also there's tremendous problems with the Metro Internet Explorer. I've found it to be hugely buggy. It's already crashed a few times. I'm typing this post on it right now and I can't even select text with my mouse for some reason O.o

The Music app is terrible. The performance is just straight up terrible. Loading album artwork and playing songs, it's just...not working.

I hope Microsoft gets manufacturers to make good touchpads for Windows 8. Without touch gestures, the experience isn't so great (I don't quite like the mouse gesture to get the charm bar to come up, for instance.) 3 finger swipe would probably fix my anxiety about Windows 8.