What do I expect from a tablet?

I see how the different manufacturers are trying to make their implementations of a tablet, but I don't really know, if any of them would suit me.

I think many of us know, what they would like to do with a tablet, so I thought I would give you my "what do I expect from a tablet" list.

First of: browsing. I do most of my daily routines in the browser. So it has to have a browser I can view every site with, without limitations. I'm kind of a browser tab hoarder, so it should handle more the one site open at a time.

Second biggest issue is battery life for me. I always struggle with my phone to get through the day, and the screen time on it is usually 2-4 hours.(nexus s stock ics) So the tablet should handle at least a solid 10-12hours with screen on. What's the point, of a mobile device, if you have to sit next to a charger all day?

These to are the two main points for me, but I would love to use it for other things to.

Use a pen. The main reason I always wanted a tablet,even before the ipad, and android tablets came along, was I wanted to take notes in class. The options at the time where windows tablets, but they where big, the battery time was awful, and they where really really expensive! I kinda finished school by now, but still would like to use a tablet to take notes. There are things, you can't type.

I would like to watch an episode of my favorite series from time to time, if I have nothing better to do. We all know, a 7 or 10 inch device isn't the best for consuming movies, but occasionally it would be good for it.

Reading a book, or listening to music shouldn't also be a problem.

Playing games? Well maybe games just to pass time, but real games? I don't really think so. I tried playing with the touchscreen, and it's really good, for some games, but if I wan't to sit down and play a game for a couple of hours, I don't want to use a touchscreen.

Sharing with other people. I think the easiest way to share media with people near you(physically) is to pick up your phone or tablet, go to them and just shove it in their face.

How about multitasking? Yes, it should be definitely possible to listen to some music, while I browse the web. Or if I watch a movie, and have to check something, shouldn't be a problem.

I think these would be my main expectations from a tablet. And honestly, I don't know, if any of the tablets available today would fit my needs. I'm open for every manufacturer and any kind of os.

I haven't used an ipad yet, so I don't know, if that's the one. It's got the battery life figured out, as I read online.

I'm using an android phone, so I know the browser on android isn't as good as chrome, and my first and most important point is browsing, so I don't think android is quite there yet. The s-pen looks promising though!(Yes I'm using the new chrome beta for android, and it's still not as good as the real chrome, but it's a huge jump from the stock browser)

The win8 tablets look promising. I don't really like IE though. Who does? Or outlook and messenger? Stopped using them long time ago. I use google nearly for everything. In a browser.

Btw the whole win8 metro UI reminds me somehow of the old windows phones. I think it was windows phone 5, with the updated UI that was finger friendly, but when you got away from the main screen down to the settings, or any menus, it was awful, and not designed at all for touch, but for pen use. If I understand it correctly, win 8 has two browsers, one for metro and one "real" IE. How's that going to work out?

Are any of these tablets made for me? Or do I have to wait more, to finally get my hands on a tablet, that suits my needs? I don't know.

So, what do you expect from your tablet?