Questions / concerns with Windows 8 (currently on MBP)

My main gripe so far with using Windows 8 on my Macbook Pro (boot camp) is scrolling in the metro apps. Unlike the main start interface scrolling, the apps don't appear to have "smooth scrolling". Is this like this for you guys as well?

And has anyone been able to sign in with the xbox games, music or video apps?

Lastly, weren't these games supposed to be available in the marketplace with the consumer preview release?

Update: Don't try installing Windows 8 on boot camp, at least with the 13" MBP. You can only use the generic windows display driver, and trying to install the 320m nvidia driver will result in the OS complete locking up and freezing quite often when watching video. Also, device manager says the co-processor driver isn't installed suggesting only one core is working. I tried it with and without the boot camp drivers.