Google's Android Development team released a pack of Ice Cream Sandwich UI stencils this week in order to make it easier for third-party developers to work within the new Android Design guidelines. Included are pretty much all of the elements someone would need to mock-up an Android app: various controls, icons, color swatches, keyboards, and device outlines, with more to be added over time. While the stencils look like a great starting point for developers to dive into the ICS aesthetic, hopefully it will translate into a wealth of well-designed apps for Android 4.0 users to enjoy.

The stencils are currently available for Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop, as well as OmniGraffle, with more formats promised in the future. OmniGraffle is an interesting choice as it's a Mac and iPad application. Perhaps Google is making it as easy as possible for iOS developers to consider building for Android?