Who's your Internet Provider?

My parents have sworn by AT&T the last five years. I don't. I hate it actually. Slower speeds than we pay for, problems with the standard routers/modems they provide, spontaneous disconnects. These are all issues we've dealt with for the last few years. Frankly, it's frustrating. Fortunately though, I'll be moving into my own apartment this summer after I'm done in the college dorms where I'm living currently. This brings about a dilemma for me...

When I move into my apartment, I will need to sign a contract for Internet service. As you can probably tell from the last paragraph, AT&T is my last resort. I would rather not have to deal with it. I don't need incredibly fast speeds, but I want a consistent and reliable connection. My brother uses Time Warner and pays for the Roadrunner service. It's pretty expensive in his area (roughly $35) and the speed is decent. I'm hoping to find something sufficient for $15 at the lowest, to possibly $30 with options for upgrading down the road. My college student budget obviously doesn't cover much.

Knowing how reliable this community is, I thought I would ask for some advice as I begin my search for a quality ISP in the next month or so. I would really appreciate any feedback or thoughts you have on this.