How Apple Burned Me (Literally)

While attending Boston University, and in my CS 131 lecture, my iPhone 4 started randomly getting really hot, burning the top of my hand, hot (I actually have the burn mark to prove it). It got so hot that there was condensation of the air moisture on the inside of the camera lens.

Know that I did not do anything wrong I decided to head to the Apple store to try and find out why my iPhone burned me.

Once I get to the Apple Store, I met with an Apple Genius, (I went to the Bolyston Store in Boston, MA).

He brought the phone into the back and came out and told me that the external water sensors were not tripped yet the internal ones were. Then I looked curiously at him, my iPhone was nowhere water, and my with my hand still in pain, I asked about the condensation behind the camera lens that could have triggered water sensors. He said he that both the guys and the back and he himself was baffled at issue.

But alas the phone was not under Apple Care since I got the iPhone 4 at launch. And with now I’m stuck with permanent burn marks on my hand, and a self-destructing iPhone.

So thanks Apple, for leaving me with a broken phone and burn marks on the back of my hand, when I get older and my future son asks me, “Dad what’s the dark spot on your hand?" I’ll tell him, "It’s from the day Apple burned me.”

P.S. I went to the Apple Store in the Garden State Mall in Paramus NJ and I have a less than pleasant experience there. I will recount the completely unpleasant experience below:

‘I got to the Apple store, the external water sensors weren't tripped, yet the internal water sensors are, my question was, "Couldn't the over-heating have caused the air within the phone to super heat and have moisture form? I mean you can clearly see the outside water sensors are not tripped, the Apple Genius in Bolyston told me this." He said, "No I haven't seen that happen in my entire life." Then I said, “I still do not understand how water got in...” and then the Apple Genius pointed out a piece of the siding that was kind of sticking out a tiny bit, I mentioned that it happened when the phone burned me and I had dropped it from my desk to the ground. He also said something that inferred that I somehow tampered with the water sensors on the outside and then kind of shrugged me off and probably thought I was trying to fool him. Treated like a criminal, I just walked out, I was not going to give a company that treated me like a criminal any more time than I had to.’

Apple only cares to those who have Apple Care, otherwise, they don't seem to care.