Facebook for Windows 8

I love, love Windows 8 (and Windows Phone). As a graphic designer, Metro is a massive breath of fresh air in terms of both design and usability. I'm struck by how beautiful almost every app in the Windows Store is, not to mention Bewise's Cookbook - my jaw dropped when I saw that loading screen.

I've designed apps for WP7 before, but as soon as the consumer preview arrived I've been hankering to play with some of the new big-screen Metro paradigms. While the People app in Windows 8 is still in preview, I've found it a little lacking in some areas. So, as a personal project, I decided to adapt Facebook to the Windows 8 UI, and I'd like to share with you the results.


Though I have no doubt that the People app will improve immensely, I have a feeling that a Facebook app would still be needed. Just look at Windows Phone - the People app performs just about every common Facebook function, but for more advanced features like Messaging and Notes, you've gotta use the web interface or the official app.

This was just a basic exercise in working with the new UI and layout, but even so I'm pretty proud of the result. Any tips, suggestions or feedback would be much appreciated!