There's a lot to love about watching professional 1v1 StarCraft II matches, but there are certain subtleties that not everybody can appreciate. Lucky for the rest of us, there are monobattles. Monobattles are a custom 4v4 team gametype for StarCraft II, which restricts each team member to a single unit. So instead of delicately balanced unit compositions, you get the sort of brute force pictured above — carnage that even a FPS player can appreciate. Right now TotalBiscuit is casting a tournament of pro gamers playing monobattles, with random unit selection, and it's proving incredibly fun, with famed rivals Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses duking it out in the finals. Tune in before it ends!

Update: The live stream is over, but you can watch the archived recording of the whole five hour tournament on TotalBiscuit's channel.