rooting for noobs...

Having only had my android phone (samsung galaxy S2) for under 5 months in still consider myself a android newbie.

Although knowing alot about the software and how to operate it (because its not hard to pick up) words like "rooting" always used to freak me out.

First of all what the hell is "rooting" your android device?

I think the best way to put it for somebody like me who has changed from the dreaded iPhone is that it is the "jailbreak" for a Android device. this is not entirely correct but is the best way to understand it for a noob.

Don't know what a jailbreak is...Click the link:

Having jailbroken my iPhone in the past I thought it would be a very simple and similar process on my Galaxy S2.

Its not a simple but its nothing to be afraid of. There are so many methods to root your android device and it varies depending on the device you own.

There are a bunch of resources out there at your disposal, XDA developers, youtube and a host of other forums. The Noob video you are introduced with on XDA developers aptly describes how you should be researching. you don't need to go posting questions everywhere because your answer is out there.

Once you have gained adiquate knowledge and have decided the process you are going to take, don't wuss out! All of the warnings make rooting seem alot more "risky" than it is.

"bricking" your device for USB jig on or make one.... your phone is not dead.

So you have finally rooted your phone. What do I do with it?

Install a custom ROM. I grew so tired if the TouchWiz interface that Samsung offered so I installed Cyanogenmod 9. It really makes you feel as if you have a new phone. And with constant ROM changes you can fell as if you have a new phone every week!

I think making that jump into rooting it scary. Websites and Youtube videos full of warnings about "bricking". But with all of that research you have done you have surely picked the best and safest way to root your device so the chances of "bricking" your phone will be very low.

You are a Noob on XDA-Developers (via xdadevelopers)

Noobs... Don't be scared to root.

That is all.