(SPOILERS) Mass Effect 3 Ending Discussion

Oh boy. Where to start?

Everything from when Ghost Kid/Catalyst shows up onwards is pure nonsense. We're talking Metal Gear Solid 2 levels of "what the christ". The explanation for why the cycles happen clarifies nothing and actually raises more questions than it answers. All your choices are terrible and the galaxy (and Shepard) is screwed over pretty much no matter what you do. It's nice that the two squadmates you thought died with you while trying to get to the Citadel ended up alive, but how? And why are they on the Normandy? And why is the post-credits scene Buzz Aldrin trying to be a voice actor (and failing) over the top Google Image Search result for "winter space"?

It's such a shame because the rest of the game is so good. So good that I assumed all the talk about the awfulness of the ending was just a result of the hatred for BioWare after Dragon Age 2 and The Old Republic. The game is fun, the story is interesting, the characters are well-written, there's lots of fan service and squadmate bonding and side quests. But it all just falls apart in the last five minutes.

I guess what I am trying to say is, what the hell happened?