Trackpad Positioning

Almost every single laptop computer out there comes with a trackpad that is offset from the center of the machine. Sometimes the trackpad is only slightly to the left of center, sometimes it's well over in the left corner.

The most common justification that I've heard for this practice is that the trackpad is situated just below the G and the H keys and so is technically centered below the keyboard. Setting aside how ridiculous this is from a purely aesthetic viewpoint I fail to see how this would in any way improve on the usability of either the keyboard or the trackpad itself. Even in the case where the keyboard is pushed to the side because of an included number pad (surely an unnecessary measure in all but the most niche cases) the user will still in all likelihood be sitting roughly centered in front of the screen which makes any pushing of either the trackpad or the keyboard sideways ergonomically awkward to say the least. Add to it that a solid majority of the world's population is right handed and the decision to put the chief instrument for interacting with the computer on the far left of the device appears outright bizarre.

Yet it's the same on practically every laptop out there.

Is this something users are actually asking for? Is it an actual preference among most consumers or is it just one of those weird quirks that manufacturers got in the habit of a few years back, for whatever reason, and that people are simply putting up with for lack of any real options?