Rooting for Noobs... Part 2

In response to my last post

Rooting for noobs...

I explained briefly why you might want to do so, mainly talking about having the balls to do it at all.

Well fellow Noobs are you not convinced? Well I thought I would just give some extra insight into the core things most people do with rooted android devices. Also some of the things that you WILL need to consider before you do it. Without being contradictory to my last post of course.

I will be talking in Noob terms here to make it easier for people to understand (like me)

Clockworkmod recovery:most people install this straight away. It's essentially a hub for you ROMS. It provides an easy way to manage them and "flash" them.

PAUSE: "Flash". This is a new word ey? It was to me too. All of this technical will get you confused to begin with, it’s really not. "Flash" is just fancy root talk for installing. PAUSE

Clockworkmod (CWM) recovery makes it so simple to flash new ROMS and once you have followed your tutorial on how to install new ROMS with CWM the steps will be very similar for any other mod you want to flash.

I began with an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM; I was bored on Gingerbread and didn’t want to wait for the new Touchwiz update.

Before you even think of installing a new ROM onto your device you are going to want to back it up. This is where

Titanium Backup comes in handy. It’s the most popular backup tool. You can back up all of your apps and data with titanium backup so after you have flashed your new ROM you won’t be missing most of your devices inventory.

So those are the two essential things to do as soon as you have rooted, but it doesn't stop there.

There are so many more things you can do with a rooted phone.

Here are a list of other popular root apps:

Market unlocker (compatible with play)




And many more...

I recommend getting the two essential apps and flashing a custom ROM to begin with which is the main reason people decide to root.



Thank you to gallazzi

And Noobs...

That is all.

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