The ever-elusive panorama. It's been the future of photography since QuickTime 4, it seems like, and now the SpinCam team has really solved it. Kind of, at least. Taking a cue from Instagram's easy method of capturing and sharing photos from within an app, SpinCam lets you shoot a 360° scene (either revolving around an object, or spinning in place yourself) and then share that "Spin" on Facebook and with your SpinCam buddies. The actual panoramic technology is ultra simple: there is none. The captures are videos, and when you "pan" back and forth you're actually just scrubbing a looping playhead. Still, it works, and it might make a nice alternative to all the other "Instagram For Video!" options out there.

Unfortunately, you can't embed captures, but here's a sample "Spin" we dug up of someone you may know: