Larry King Live ended its 25-year run in 2010, but the former CNN interviewer is set to make his comeback to television — internet television, that is. The New York Times is reporting that Mexican telecoms billionaire Carlos Slim is funding an online network called, which will be formally announced on Monday. King is the prime talent acquisition, and his new show is said to "partly resemble" Larry King Live. The advertising-supported network will launch at an unspecified point this year, and will be broadcast to computers, mobile devices, and television sets.

Slim is rated by Forbes as the world's richest man, and made most of his fortune with América Móvil. The company offers packages of broadband, phone, and TV services throughout much of Latin America, but Slim is blocked from having a broadcast license in Mexico, and because of this has experimented with streaming shows online. would seem to be on a much larger scale, however, as a full network that happens to bypass the distribution systems of traditional television. What might be most notable is the involvement of Larry King in such a forward-thinking venture — the interviewer is one of the most perennial faces on broadcast television, and yet seemingly has no desire to return to CNN, saying "When the train gets to the last station, you know to get off."