Instagram for Windows Phone: A concept

Before I start, I just want to emphasize that I am not a designer but I love making up stuff on PhotoShop. So one day, I thought, how would/should Instagram look on Windows Phone?

Why Instagram? Well, because it's really really cool. Also, after hearing about rumors of Instagram coming to other other platforms like Android and Windows Phone, I got really excited and started imagining how it would look on my Lumia 800. I thought Instagram on my Lumia 800 would make great sense, and hence, started putting together this concept on PS.

Coming to my concept, I started learning how WP apps should look and behave. Finally came to a conclusion that it's all about metro. From what I saw, metro UI is all about highlighting the content with clear typography and being digital about it. Like, for example, there is no place for elements like drop shadows, inner shadows, textures.. etc. But there are the old skool buttons for the bottom bar, called as the app bar. There are swipe-able elements and they are of two types called as "Pivots" and "Panoramas". To simplify, I would say, Panoramas are actually a single page with elements grouped up, whereas Pivots behave like tabs and show different pages when you swipe.

I decided to go with a "Pivot" style UI and in a clear intention of breaking the rules, I decided to use all the anti- metro elements like drop shadows, textured backgrounds etc. and in the meantime maintaining *some* metro guidelines. And this is how it turned out to be-

P.S : Some of you might know Instagram already, but most don't really know, so, instead of just posting the renders, I'll explain the concept for others to understand what really it is. Also, this is by no means, a complete concept, just a few screens I re-imagined for a Windows Phone.

First- the splashscreen:


Then, the login screen of course-


This is the first page that includes the timeline of photos from all of your friends-


The top logo and the bottom app bar stay intact in all the pages. The bottom bar has options to refresh the page and take a photo. The "pivots" represent similar functionality to the bottom tabs on the iPhone app, but you have to swipe left/right or click on the title which is visible.

On the page, which is pretty self explanatory, you can like, comment as well as do more with the (...) button, like sharing to other places.

And the next pivot- "Popular"-


Just a grid of popular photos. And when you open a photo-


In this page, the emphasis is on the photo and the comments(which you can just swipe up and see). You can like and add a comment from the app bar.

And now- the screen that pops up when you want to take a photo:


The car you are seeing is the live feed from the camera, and below are the filters. In the app bar, we have "add frame", "add blur" and "switch to front camera". And we can access our camera roll just by swiping down or clicking the up button present in the top left of the screen. You can focus by touch to focus or by using the camera button, which is mandatory on any Windows Phone.

However, the different blur options provided are-


The text added above is just for illustration.

Aaaand when we finish taking a photo or selecting a photo from the library-


Here, we can still edit the filters, and in the mean time, do some more things like the new "lux" option to enhance your photo, rotate it, and of course, add frames and blur from the app bar. Once you are done playing around- You click the green tick or the red cross for respective actions. Green tick will take you here-


Now photo sharing is done, let's see some other pivots-

This is the "following" pivot-


And the "news" pivot-


And that's it!

Let's hope something like this, or even a better looking Instagram app is being developed for our Windows Phones.

Note : If I just switch the background to plain back, all the anti- metro elements vanish, just sayin' ;-)