Apple has just upgraded its Safari browser to version 5.1.4, and it contains a number of performance enhancements and bug fixes for users running OS X Lion as well as users who still run Snow Leopard. For Lion users, the biggest change is in JavaScript performance — Apple is claiming an 11 percent improvement over Safari 5.1.3. Unfortunately, Apple makes no mention of those improvements for Snow Leopard users; it seems the company is only optimizing the browser for those running the latest version of OS X.

Other than that, the changes are the same across the board. There's a handy new feature that allows users to preserve links when saving PDFs from webpages; other than this, the major changes are bug fixes. Flash video should now render properly when using gesture zooming, a screen dimming bug when watching HTML5 video has been fixed, and an error that caused pages to flash white when switching Windows should be no more. There's also a few fairly obscure-sounding fixes, including one that caused issues for those trying to print US Postal Service shipping labels. You can find Apple's full changelog for the Lion release here, or you can download the new version through Software Update or on Apple's website; the Lion version weighs in at 46.4MB.