Why is everyone against having Instagram on Android?

I understand that there are other apps out there (with Pixl-o-matic being the best looking and closest feature packed wise to Instagram.) and that you can already share in existing apps. but why all the hate? Are some Android users that sensitive that they dont want an "iphone app" on Android? They said it will be better then the iPhone app so theres bound to be something that will make it stand out. I mean I'm an Android user my self but I'm not THAT sensitive (I do own a mac and iPad plus a jetstream as well)

I never used it as I never owned an iPhone but it looks interesting and will give it a try when it comes out. Right now I use Pixl-o-matic. Mostly because it has a lot of filters and the app looks good and not something the dog threw up. I also the stock filters that come with my HTC phone.