Can't get $0.01 phone on Amazon Wireless

Tried to get the a GS2, but I can't due to trying to get a phone back in November when they had a similar deal. In November of 2011, I had ordered a GS2, but realized I would still have an ETF from T-Mobile, so I had the phone shipment turned around. I never received the phone, canceled the Sprint account, and as far as Sprint is concerned, I should be able to get a phone with a new activation, but Amazon's system will not let me. According to the Amazon representative I spoke with, because I had setup a Sprint account through them in the past, I can never again get a Sprint promotion through them. Sprint is the only carrier they have this problem with, and they cannot fix it either. So even if I had not canceled the order the next day, since I had previously setup a Sprint account through Amazon, I'll never be able to partake in any Sprint promotion on Amazon again... EVER!

I'm posting this around to various sites in the hopes that someone out there may know of a possible solution, Sprint says there is no way that they can offer me the same deal as Amazon, I'd still have to pay $199 for the phone.