It seems Intel is looking to get into the content distribution game: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the chip-making giant is planning to launch an Intel-branded, web-based TV service, complete with an Intel-built set-top box. Intel has apparently been making pitches to media companies for months, with plans to have similar TV channel offerings as existing cable and satellite TV providers, except all of the content would be delivered over the internet. Customers, however, would need to provide their own internet connection to access this service. The company is shooting to have this service launched by the end of the year, although it isn't yet clear if Intel will be able to meet that goal — The Wall Street Journal's source indicated that no content deals had been struck yet. Between this potential new service, the ever-present Apple TV set rumors, and proposed online TV network trying to lure Larry King out of retirement, it looks like internet-based TV could start really start putting pressure on cable providers.