Regina Dugan, director at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), is planning to leave her position in the Pengaton's research facility to take a job with Google, according to Wired. Dr. Dugan has worked at DARPA since July of 2009, but was recently "offered and accepted a senior executive position" at Google, according to DARPA spokesperson Eric Mazzacone. Dugan's run as director was both innovative and controversial — she recently reached out to hackers to help beef up the country's cybersecurity measures, and she's also under investigation for contracts given out to her former firm RedXDefense (a company Dugan held stock in after beginning her tenure at DARPA) during her years as director.

DARPA's spokesperson noted that the ongoing investigation had nothing to do with Dugan's departure; she merely couldn't turn down an opportunity to work with such an "innovative company." Dugan will reportedly continue to work for several more weeks, after which deputy director Kaigham Gabriel will take over as acting director.