It looks like we'll soon have all the details on Walmart's plan to start upgrading its customers' DVDs to UltraViolet digital copies. According to a report from the Streaming Media Blog, Walmart will charge two to four dollars to take your old DVD and add a digital copy to your own personal UltraViolet collection; the pricing will vary depending on whether or not consumers want to upgrade their movies to high-definition or not. We've heard for several months now that disc-to-digital will be a big part of UltraViolet's plan to gain traction with consumers, but this is the first time we've heard any mention of what it might cost.

Walmart is also supposedly going to use a decidedly low-fi technique to keep you from passing your old discs around to your friends to get "cheap" digital copies — DVDs will be stamped at the store so they can't be redeemed more than once. We have no idea if this service will take off, but we'll be listening in to the joint Walmart / UltraViolet press event that's scheduled for tomorrow to find out if this information is accurate — and what other hurdles customers might have to jump through to enjoy content they've already purchased.