Why the new iPad name is the New iPad

So the new iPad is out and it is not call the iPad 3 or iPad HD, it is simply call the new iPad.

Many were puzzled by the name and some says it is just not consistant. A few reason that Apple's other products are also mostly without numeric monikers, so there is really nothing out of the ordinary here. Examples given were iMacs, Macbook, iPods, Macbook Pros, Mac Pros.. which are most of their products.

This argument does seem to hold water very well and makes a lot of sense. But everyone supporting this theory seems to forget that all the numberless products does not have last seasons iteration in the market place at the same time. All last seasons iMacs and Macbooks are always kill off when a new product launch. Which is not the case for iPads and iPhones. This is going to be more confusing for regular consumers when the next iPad is release. What are they going to call it then? The New New iPad?

Which is why I have this theory. Apple will still need a $399 line of iPad for next year, so say they retain this new iPad line for another year for this purpose. At the same time they branch out a new iPad line/s like the iPad HD or 7" iPad Nano or iPad Pro as differentiator. This solve the problem of confusing consumers and at the same time expand it's market by catering to a new niche.

Let me know what you guys think of this theory.