Just over a month after we spent some time with the Pentax K-01 and Optio WG-2 at CP+ in Yokohama, both cameras have gone on sale. The K-01, a chunky mirrorless camera that uses the same K-mount lenses as Pentax's DSLRs, is selling for $749.95 in body-only form or $899.99 with the amazingly thin 40mm f/2.8 XS lens, which is also available separately for $249.95. In keeping with Pentax's color-loving tendencies, the camera is available in black, white, and bright yellow. Meanwhile, the rugged Optio WG-2 is $349.95 or $399.95 for a model with built-in GPS, the former coming in black or red and the GPS variant coming in orange or white. There's also $49.95 chest harness accessory coming in late spring/early summer for anyone planning to shoot pictures while hanging off a cliff face.