Metro Taskbar concept

Hi guys,

Here's a concept I think will make the use of Windows 8 smoother on a desktop PC. I'm not moaning about Windows 8 - I love Metro and the new Start-Screen...

The app switching and start-menu is really not very intuitive for an average user, and gets even more confusing when you start trying to use the desktop too. I find it overwhelming using multiple metro apps, and multiple desktop apps at the same time and using 2 methods for switching apps!

I'd like to see (at least on desktop PCs) a Windows 7-like taskbar that shows both Metro and desktop apps for easy switching such as:


What do you guys think? This need not necessarily be on the screen all the time, and perhaps this could auto-show when you mouse to the bottom of the screen.

I think it's important to have both Metro and desktop application switching in the same mechanism.