If you're at all interested in the cult classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the recently-released iPad app known as "Monty Python: the Holy Book of Days" is definitely worth the $4.99 asking price. The app does an excellent job at using the blank canvas of the iPad to give a comprehensive, day-by-day look at the filming of The Holy Grail, with particular attention paid to the pitfalls and failures that the Monty Python comedy troupe experienced in trying "to make an epic film in just 28 days."

Following an unsurprisingly dry and self-depreciating introduction by John Cleese, you'll be presented with two sections: "the book of days" and "the holy chapters." The first section breaks the filming down into 28 days, with content focused on whatever scene was being shot that day. There's a full text recap of the disasters that befell the group (for example, day one combined a camera that broke after one take with King Arthur's drinking problem rearing its ugly head), as well as audio and video outtakes, script and storyboard excerpts, a location map, photos, and even daily continuity notes.

Overall, there's 70 minutes of never-before-seen video, including recent visits by the cast to various filming locations around Scotland like the "Bridge of Death" and "Castle Aaargh." There's also a day-by-day diary from Michael Palin (who played Sir Galahad) and 360-degree views of key props, like Arthur's helmet and the titular holy grail. All of this content is presented beautifully, with fonts, animations, and graphics all inspired by and consistent with the film's design.

"The holy chapters" providers an alternate way to view much of this content; instead of organizing it by shooting date, it follows along with the film scene-by-scene. Each chapter has links to the outtakes, still photos, diary, and script, and provides a quick link to jump back into the "book of days" section to get the grim details behind the shoot. Additionally, if you purchased the recently-released Blu-ray reissue, you can sync this app to your internet-connected Blu-ray player and use it as a "second screen" to control the movie and pull up material relevant to the scene you're watching. Overall, this app provides a ton of new content to fans of the movie and does so with great visual flair in an app that performs quite well, even on our older, first-generation iPad. There's a lot of hilarious and interesting stuff here for your five bucks.