Not the iPad nor any other device is killing the PC.

I'm getting kind of tired reading about how people think the iPad is ushering in this post PC era. In my eyes it's an EXTREMELY ignorant generalization to make.

My friend had this argument with me, he kept telling me that phones and tablets would do away with people's needs for PCs. In this VERY forum some silly rabbit named Mutualcore made a post about it.

I have this theory (I don't know if I read it somewhere or just came up with it), bear with me: In order for "X" to replace "Y", "X" must be capable of doing everything "Y" is capable of or being used for. This applies almost to anything in life.

Case in point, the PC isn't being killed. All of these devices will converge and they will eventually become one and the same (the PC is becoming a tablet, tablets are becoming PCs).

Due to the increasing capabilities of mobile devices you are witnessing the blurring of lines between what has traditionally been called a PC and what has traditionally been a commodity/toy (mobile devices). People will eventually take their tablets/phones and dock them for keyboard and mouse use. What do you call that? a PC? a tablet? a phablet?

What will you call a Windows 8 mobile device that when docked increases graphical performance, uses multiple screens, keyboard and mouse?