The Ideal Controller for an Apple "Console"

Hello everyone. Recently there has been a lot of talk about the "new iPad", and how it's guts are getting dangerously close to the current generation of consoles and that in the following years it might even surpass them and try to become a kind of console.

Regardless of how you think about this future predictions, let's assume that they are right, and the guys at Apple want your iPad to be your new console, and that they had decided to start selling a controller for gaming, so that you can hook up you iPad to your TV and play console like games. They decide to call it iPlay, or iGame, or whatever.

The point that I want to discuss with everyone is: What type of controller would you want apple to sell? A regular PS3/Xbox controlles? Some sort of motion control hybrid? Or should they put a camera on your Apple TV, and let you go all Kinect on that? Given that they have a clean slate with hardcore gaming, how would you like for them to start?