Now that the BlackBerry PlayBook has a native email client and Documents to Go with update 2.0, users may be finding the on-screen keyboard isn't quite up to snuff for drafting business proposals. RIM thinks it has got the answer, however, as the company has released the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard today for $119.99 (not much less than the 16GB PlayBook, which goes for just $199). The keyboard has a multitouch trackpad (which looks incredibly small) and a battery that's said to keep the accessory charged for up to 30 days. Unlike other convertible tablets like the Asus Transformer Prime, the keyboard isn't a dock — instead, the peripheral ships with a carrying case that holds both the tablet and the keyboard in place, and the two communicate over a 128-bit encrypted Bluetooth connection. See the video below for another look at the Mini Keyboard, and if you're interested, it's expected to ship in one to two days from RIM's online store.